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Intranet Return on Investment

Here is a small sampling of intranet resources we have found covering return on investment on intranets. Use this information to sell the intranet concept to your organization.

  • Optimising intranet ROI
    Optimising return on investment with intranets

  • Intranet Return on Investment Case Studies
    The need for accountability and for clear measures of success is increasingly demanded for all corporate expenditures, including intranets. If you are responsible for an intranet, you need to know how build a business case and develop a return on investment (ROI) strategy.

  • Intranet ROI survey
    One of the most difficult parts of any intranet renewal or intranet overhaul is proving the return on the investment for finished product. We demonstrate how nonlinear revamped an intranet to outstanding results.

  • The dollar value of an intranet
    Demonstrating how you will measure return on investment is an important part of getting the green light for your intranet project. It’s easy to understand the value of improved communications and better employee engagement in the workplace. But how do you actually tie a dollar value to it?

  • The Trillion-Dollar Question: Value of a usable intranet
    Measured usability improved by 44% compared to our last large-scale intranet study. The new research identified 5 times the previous number of intranet design guidelines.

  • Intranet ROI leap of Faith
    Many companies have implemented some form of an internal IP network, known as an intranet. And many IT executives say developing the applications to deploy on these intranets is relatively easy. But measuring their financial benefits is another story.
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