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Intranet Project Planner

Use this questionnaire to generate an RFP you can use to send to vendors explaining your next web-based project. Upon submit this information will be organized and sent to you via email. This information will NOT be submitted to Intranet Road Map, nor saved on our servers unless you choose to do so afterwards.

Tel Fax

1) Define the type of project.
   Web-based application
   Internet marketing site

2) Describe your project.

3) What is your goal for this project?

4) What features or services will you 
need on this project? Check all that apply

Front End:
   Custom Graphics
   Navigation layout
   Content Development
   Search Engine
Back End:
   DB Connectivity
   DB Design
   Content Management System
   Commerce Engine
   Ad Management
   User Tracking
   Application Development
   Site Coding
   Marketing or user involvement plan
   Search engine placement, meta placement
   Technology research and recommendation
   Web hosting research and recommendation

5) Who is the audience for this site?

6) What are the top reasons a first time 
user would visit this site?

7) What are the top reasons a user would 
become a loyal visitor?

8) Are there any barriers to the 
acceptance of this site?

9) List any adjectives that describe the 
user experience of this site.

10) What is the budget for this project?

11) Who will be developing the content 
for this project?

12) How much content do you anticipate? 
How many pages?

13) Describe the technical environment 
in which the site will be loaded.

14) What browsers are you building for?

15) Any other technical limitations?

16) What aspects of a vendors performance 
will be most important to you?

17) What is your timeline for the project?
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