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Start the Intranet Road Map...

Welcome to the Intranet Road Map! We hope you find it useful. Over the next 40 pages or so, you will find a tutorial on the steps needed to create and manage a corporate intranet. These steps are concepts we have found important in our travels as intranet consultants.

These steps are not meant to be the final word on intranet development but should instead serve to spark ideas and conversation within your company.

You may follow each page in order by clicking Next or use the drop-down box at the top or bottom of the page to jump to any individual topic.

Your Intranet Portal!
You will notice as you travel through the pages of the Road Map, a Related Links feature. From these links you will be able to find other sites related to individual intranet topics. These links are dynamic searches across various search engines. Some links will find information better than others because of the differences in the search engines. You may like to search the Internet for other intranet topics with your own keywords.

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