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   The Basics
      1. What is an intranet?
      2. Tangible Benefits of an intranet
      3. Intangible Benefits of an intranet
      4. Growth of intranets
   Uses of an intranet
      1. Human Resources
      2. Sales and Marketing
      3. Information Systems
      4. Executive and Corporate
      5. Customer Service
      6. Finance
   Road Map to Success
    Establish Guidelines
      1. Define ownership
      2. Establish a guiding principle
      3. Establish intranet business model
      4. Establish publishing policies
      5. Establish measurement of success
      6. Create a style guide
      7. Create a hierarchy
      8. Establish budgets
   Establish Platform and Infrastructure
      1. Browser Selection
      2. Access Rollout Plan
      3. Select a security model
      4. Select a content management system
      5. Select HTML/development tools
      6. Select database integration standard
      7. Select intranet usage monitoring tools
      8. Estimate server and bandwidth
   Invite All to Participate
      1. Promote Awareness
      2. Identify champions
      3. Form steering committee
   Intranet Team
      1. Identify roles for team
      2. Develop support system

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