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Establish Intranet Guidelines

An intranet is not unlike many other business endeavors. Without a plan it is doomed to fail. When beginning to plan an intranet, there are many questions you should ask yourself. These questions will set the tone for how you go about developing your intranet, help you establish guidelines.

Ask yourself the questions below before starting intranet development. We will examine some of these issues as we travel down the road map.

1. What is your business case for building the intranet?
2. Who can publish to the intranet?
3. What types of content can be published?
4. Will content be reviewed by someone in an editorial position?
5. How will content be produced?
6. Is there a structure you want set down for HTML docs? Fonts? Colors? Layout?
7. What legal issues surround the intranet? Logo use? Copyright issues?
8. Who has ownership of applications and content?
9. Are there security concerns for the intranet?
10. Will some intranet content be open to those outside the firewall?
11. How will testing and loading occur?
12. What technologies are allowed for intranet applications?
13. What types of tools can be used for creation of content and publishing?
14. Who will control licensing concerns?
15. Will multimedia be used?
16. What is the impact of the intranet on network bandwidth?
17. Who will monitor network and server impact?
18. Who is responsible for maintenance and backups of intranet data?
19. How will standards and guidelines be communicated to employees?
20. By what standard will you measure the success of the intranet?

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