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Executive or Corporate Intranet
When building an information system for an executive, it is first necessary to define the nature of the executive's tasks. We can divide the roles of the manager into three categories.

1. Interpersonal Roles. Figurehead, leader, liaison
2. Informational Roles. Monitor, disseminator, spokesperson
3. Decisional Roles. Entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator

Intranets are very effective in assisting the executive in addressing the roles and activities discussed above as well as addressing communication with internal employees and external partners.

Examples of possible content and applications

  • Internal departmental information
  • External partnering information
  • Meeting minutes
  • Internal departmental information
  • Stock Market analysis/ Stock market tracking
  • Business investigation and analysis
  • Tax and legal research
  • Business metrics
  • On line calendars to track personal daily activities
  • Groupware applications that a company uses with its outside consultants and/or strategic partners to collaborate on a particular project or product
  • Private newsgroups that strategic partners use to share ideas and discuss plans
  • Personalized site with links, weather and traffic

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