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Create Publishing Policies
Develop policies on what can go on the intranet and what cannot. These policies should touch on the following areas:
  • Who can publish
  • Types of content allowed
  • Site styles -- suggested look and feel
  • Legal issues -- proper use of copyrights and logos
  • Ownership of applications and content -- accountability for sites
  • Security concerns -- how you should secure your site, extranet concerns
  • Logistics for requesting server space, testing and loading -- how to work with IS
  • Allowed technologies -- tailor to your network and skills
  • Maintenance and content management -- periodic review of content and how to update sites
  • Site communications -- how to market sites once up
  • Once these policies have been set up, communicate them early and often! If everyone knows how to ask for a site, build it and then maintain it, the intranet will work like a well-oiled machine.

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